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Not really much to say about this, I was busy that day doing something, can’t remember what, so I turned up to basically pick up my other half and my dog and I saw some tiny husky puppies so I took a picture of them and wanted to share it here…


What can I say about NASS? It’s a good laugh and a great weekend away with theLAB boys featuring so many people we don’t see often enough at all. To much controversy though, I don’t enjoy any other aspect of it other than having fun with said people.

I was not allowed to film anything this year due to exclusive rights being sold and I had to sign a waiver to say I wouldn’t film anything too. So unfortunately, despite having a video from theLAB of NASS every year for the last 6 years, we don’t have one this year.

Here’s a few pictures instead.


Remember how about 2 mins ago I posted some “bump shots” of Georgie, well she gave birth between now and then because here is a shot of the lovely creation Dobbie and herself made not long after they got back from the hospital.


Even though I’m writing this post now, with full intent of posting a post with pictures of Georgie’s (now born) child…. I also took some “bump shots” from about a week or two before she gave birth.

I’ll keep the description short and sweet, as I’m sure you all know what they are…


In preparation to put the Endless Summer VW Show video live, I realised that I haven’t updated my blog in about 4 months, despite having plenty of material to do so….

So bare with me over the next hour or two while I upload a load of new posts and photo’s, have this shot of Gem and her daughter Winny to tide you by.


I was asked to take some pictures of Herriard’s Cup Final. I don’t really wanna dwell on it much because they lost, which is never a fun thing to do.

But onwards and upwards, and here’s a couple of shots from the match.


I went to another game today with my camera, have a look at some pictures of my good friend Chris Dobbie in action, who now is joint 1st place with the most goals scored in a season for Herriard (42)…. Lets hope he gets a couple more in the last league game next weekend and the Cup Final at the end of the month.


A friend of mine asked me recently to take some pictures for her of Jake Edginton’s Fabia for a article she was writing for Watercooled Society.

This was quite nice to be fair as I haven’t taken car photo’s in quite a while now, so it was cool to do some more again. I don’t really have much more to say on the matter other than I hopefully will be doing more some time soon and here is the link to the article –

Here are some of my photo’s of choice.


Ok, so last week I put up a post with my first developed 35mm photo on my new (to me) Canon FTb QL 35mm camera. In that post I explained how I only had one photo due to the film being completely blank other than that one frame and how I also shot a black and white film which I was waiting to receive back from Ilford Labs for developing.

I received it back on Saturday, and thank the lord, it was fine and I received a load of prints. I was soon happy that it came out because a couple reasons; 1. I actually like some of the photos on it, and 2. It means my new camera isn’t broken.

Of course this does mean one of 2 things when it comes to the other film, the film was either a dud, or Jessops fucked up the developing… I’m going with the film probably being a dud to be fair.

But nonetheless, the black and white film came out so I scanned in a few of my favourite pictures and posted them below. Hopefully I will be posting plenty more successful prints in the future!


Winchester had a ComicCon this weekend which we took a visit to.

Not gonna lie, it was very small and wasn’t very busy. There was mainly trade stalls to be fair. But I went with some friends of mine who have a 6 month old (which I have also posted pictures of before when she was just born), so I basically just took loads of pictures of her, and her name is Winny-Rae so WinCon was quite a suitable name.

So have a few pictures of this adorable little girl.