From the monthly archives: December 2013

On a cold winters day, I head up to London and stood around in a freezing cold skatepark to get some clips of theLAB’s newly sponsored rider Steve Fraser.

I learnt that the usual day for Steve usually consists of a nice lay in, followed by car cleaning, followed by hitting it hard at his local park that I am assured is usually rammed with scooters and graffiti such as “scooterfags” and “wasteman ting”. The day ends with usually a Wagamama’s or a Nando’s, and due to Steve having a free whole chicken lined up, he had planned this Nando’s and was looking forward to it for a while.

Luckily, we didn’t encounter many “scooterfags” at the parkā€¦ fact we didn’t really encounter many people at all.

With some support from Kat, Steve’s girlfriendā€¦. and his mate Damo, who is a very strange character and I still can’t believe some of the stories he came out with – it was an honour to meet him, we spent about 4 hours at a baltic windy skatepark and managed to get enough footage to put together this edit.

Filmed and Edited by Ross Penny.
Song: Balls – Black Spiders (Edited)