From the monthly archives: January 2017

The new year has been pretty busy for me already, so I haven’t had a chance to update my blog recently.

I took a few photos over Christmas/New Year of my good friend Natalie’s family. She had a little baby girl after the summer last year and I finally got to meet her over Christmas, so naturally I decided to arrange another visit and take my camera to get some snapshots of their happy family.
Her son has so much character for a 3 year old and is a joy to hang out with.

We decided to meet up again on New Years Eve to go for a dog walk too, so I took my camera along again. I really enjoyed taking these pictures, I love catching the natural side of people instead of the “pose for the camera” type shots, I feel it really captures the person a lot more.

Below are several of the shots I took over these two occasions. I’ll try update my blog a bit more regularly from now on (but probably not). Of course, if you wanted to see some pictures more often from myself, I started up an Instagram for my photography work in the summer – @rosspennyphotography – so it’d be real nice if you gave it a follow.