From the monthly archives: March 2013


A while back I did posted an entry on here about a company called Low Standards….

Basically it was a friend of mine called Sarah that wanted to start a clothing company and asked me to take a few pictures etc.

I did the pictures for her, designed/created the website, designed/created the logo’s, got the stickers made and created the clothing designs too, for the first 5 designs.

As she is a mate, I said I would do this in exchange just for some free clothes and today, I got the package of the clothes through the post.

Naturally I took some pictures, as it can add to my “portfolio” and experience, as such.

It is strange to have clothing with your own creations/photographs on, thats for sure!










A while back Mark Webb told me he was filming with JC Pieri on his “Webbie Show 2” edit.

When filming, Webbie ran into some setbacks, such as injuries etc. so he didn’t think he was gonna get it finished. So while JC was busy filming other things towards the end of the edit, Webbie asked me to go up to the Ghetto Shed (R.I.P.) and get the last lot of clips just to finihed the already AMAZING edit off.

So below is the finished product by JC Pieri.

And the banger at the end is a flair to front flip – otherwise known as “The Overdraft” named by Webbie himself.

I filmed it, we all watched it frame by frame countless amounts of time, I was there…..
I can definitely vouch 110% that it is a flair to front flip, not a double flair.



Now Ive moved out, I’ve decided to invest in a Studio Lighting set/Backdrop etc.

Mainly just to add a bit more to my portfolio and get some practice/business in model and portrait photography.

Yesterday I set up my garage into a make shift ghetto studio and it worked pretty well, despite it being freezing….. hopefully in the summer it will be a lot better.

My friend Hayley got in front of the camera for me last night to test all this out and I’m pretty happy with some of the results.

So I put together a promo design/possible new sticker design and I’ve included a few edits from yesterday’s shoot in this post.

Hope you enjoy, other than that there’s not much to say.

If you are interested in a portrait shoot, or something similar, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – my garage is just waiting to be set up into a studio again 😉

IMG_8357 copy

IMG_8453 copy


Now I’ve finally got my new house, and my own space, it also means I have my own place for my Studio Photography equipment.

So I’ve finally got around to taking some snaps of my sleeve, which is now fully finished and healed.

I’m so amazingly happy with how my sleeve has turned out. My mate Alex (who’s girlfriend Kristy I took pictures of in a previous post) put all my ideas to paper, designed and tattooed every part. He has also just become a Dad, so I’d like to put a massive congratulations out there to him and Kristy!!

This sleeve is mainly dedicated to my mum, who killed herself when I was 12, and my sisters, who I have tried to be the best brother to my whole life. There are stories and reasons behind every different parts of my arm, some in depth, some not…..but nonetheless, the whole thing obviously means a hell of a lot to me and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to have done all the work.

So thank you Alex, and we shall start on my other arm soon 😉



As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have finally moved out.

I got my mates Dave and Jamie to do a massive Graffiti piece to put on the side of mine and my girlfriends room, half to do with Photography (for me) and the other half to do with Hawaii (for my girlfriend – she’s not Hawaiian, just obsessed).

Below are some pictures of the piece being done and the final product in our new room.

I’ve also done an Illustration of the room, just because I wanted to. That’s also below.












There’s a VAG car meet on the second Tuesday of every month where I live.

It’s called Elite 1000 or E1K.

Here’s a couple of shots from it, it’s also the last shots that involve my estate as unfortunately I have bought a new car the the estate is probably about the size of a coffee table now.







I’ve been inactive for a while due to a facebook ban (apparently I’m not a real person)….

And due to the fact, most my coverage orginates from facebook, I thought I’d wait untill I was allowed back on to throw a few pictures up.

Here’s some pictures I took of my house mate Claire’s Husky puppy that I took a while back.

I’m happy to say I’m fully moved out and grown up now too, and this dog lives with me, which is awesome because its an amazing dog.

We’ll also have a new Husky/Lab cross puppy living with us in about 6 weeks, so expect another update when that joins us 🙂