From the monthly archives: August 2015

This year saw the first VW show in Basingstoke (our home town) and theLAB were asked to sponsor the event, which we were more than happy to do.

It was a great day and probably one of the best VW Shows I’ve been to, maybe because I knew most the people that were there, maybe because it took me 5 mins to drive home, but either way the atmosphere was great and the range of cars was pretty impressive too. You could really tell some time and effort went into a lot of the cars that were there.

The whole event was to raise money for Naomi House & Jacksplace Charity –
theLAB made a LTD Edition T-Shirt for the event in which half the money went to charity; which sold out so fast that we had to take special orders for some people to get them printed especially so we could raise as much as possible for such a good cause.

Naturally, I made an edit, because that’s what I do, and as it was my 3rd edit in the space of about a month and a half, after having nearly a year without filming anything. So I think I’ve stared through a viewfinder and at a computer screen enough for a while now. So enjoy this one; or else.

Song: Dr Dre – The Next Episode ft. Snoop Dogg (San Holo Remix)

Filmed and Edited by Ross Penny (with help from Chester Joe)


The weekend before Boardmasters this year, I got a phone call from Lil Man asking if I wanted to go down to Newquay to film the Pro Finals. I agreed to it, but as it got closer I realised that it would mean waking up at 3.30am on a Sunday to drive 210 miles, film a 3 hour contest, then drive back in traffic…. and also as it got closer, the weather decided to turn slowly…

Nevertheless, I still took the trip down (fuelled by Monster) with Lil Man after about 4 hours sleep and ended up getting home that night about 9pm. So I was pretty tired to say the least.

But after a 17.5 hour day, I saw some incredible riding, caught up with a load of people that I only really see at NASS or Boardmasters and I filmed a few clips, which I’ve handily put together into this edit.

Song: Kool & The Gang – Take It To The Top

Filmed and Edited by Ross Penny