I haven’t done a write up in a while, so I’m a bit rusty at this….

Rucksack Society is a clothes shop that has opened on Wote Street in Basingstoke by a bunch of guys who were obviously sick of the only places to buy clothes in Basingstoke being Topman and Primark…


Rucksack Society is a street wear store stocking brands such as The Hundreds, HUF, Diamond Supply co, Thrasher, Grizzly, Primitive, The Quiet Life, Brixton, Mitchell&Ness, Majestic, Lakai, LRG, , REBEL8, theLAB, Crep Protect. Check out their website right HERE.

These boys took it upon themselves to contact us at theLAB when they were opening and asked to sell our stuff, which obviously, we were more than welcoming to. Since then, they have regularly got stock from us including a few new exclusive items, just for their shop, that we don’t actually sell ourselves.

The contacted us at the start of the year telling us that they were having a collaboration evening at the end of February where they would be getting designs from a few local artists to be making a very small line of LTD edition T-shirts and they asked us if we wanted to come up with a design too. We were very keen with this, especially as the artists that they had asked are all close friends of theLAB.


One morning, Lil man sent me a text whilst I was walking the dog and asked if I had any ideas for the shirt, so I talked to the guys and we all came up with a few rough designs to pitch to the boys at Rucksack. They came back with a favourite…. and I guess the rest is history.


The night itself was a good night, from 6-8pm, with a decent turn out. Capri Suns, Lollypops and refreshments were even on offer, so if you came down, you were right spoilt.
Rucksack created 10 LTD own brand shirts, as well as the ones they made up for the artists on the night. The artists consisted of were Bill Thorpe (Dirty30), Alex Simpson (co-incidentally also the guy that does pretty much all my tattoos) and Lee “Nzie” Baker (a graffiti artist, that has also done some work for me). With all the Artists and theLAB there, it brought in quite a decent crowd, and with the LTD range of 60 odd shirts (between all 5 designs), after the event was over, there must’ve only been around 25 shirts left – Which are available either in store or on the Rucksack Society website – but once they’re gone, THEY’RE GONE so snap them up now, while you still can.





So come down to Basingstoke and check out the store, because it’s certainly one of a kind. Also, with the local MP and Newspaper coming down to the event, this event was quite a success, so hopefully you should be hearing about quite a few in the future, so keep an eye out!







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