From the monthly archives: September 2013

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A couple days back, my mate James Voller asked me if I would shoot a couple pictures of his car in some abandoned shed thing.

I like abandoned shed’s so I agreed, after he offered to by me a Bartlett’s (Bartlett’s is a kebab van in Basingstoke). After he took forever and a day giving his car a “quick wash”, we went down to the abandoned shed thingy and moved a couple of things so Voller could literally scrape and crunch his way in, almost taking off the bottom half of his car and needing the usual splitter reconstruction.

Needless to say, it was pretty cool in there, so here are some dingy ass photo’s…..and a couple of product placement photos from theLAB.














This year at North Weald Airfield, Players 7 took place.

In association with theLAB, I took a trip up to have a look around for a couple of hours and put together a few clips.

theLAB are getting more into the car scene next month with a stall for Show & Glow at Bluewater in Kent.

Here’s the result of this years Players event.

Song: Passion Pit – Sleepyhead
Filmed and Edited by Ross Penny


Unfortunately not every review I write can be good and I do my best to make up for that by putting together a video that hopefully everyone will enjoy.

I went to edition38 again this year, this is my 4th time there and it was alright. I’m not sure if its the fact I’ve had such a good time at the previous years, so it had a lot to live up to, or it just wasn’t as good as previous years – plain and simple.

Saying that, this seems to be a recurring opinion of mine this year…
After going to NASS, which I found best described as a shit festival but with good people and good riding, I can only think to describe edition this year as average, but with good people and good cars.

I guess festivals can only be as good as you make them, but I felt that if I didn’t have as many laughs with the people I was with, or some if the cars that were there weren’t there, it probably would have felt like a waste.
Although, no one can ever argue with the £30 admission fee for all 3 days…..

This is all my opinion of course and most of you probably don’t even think the same. Plus I’m probably fairly biased from recent experiences and judgements… I’m gonna stop my rambling and let you watch the edit I put together from the weekend.

(Hopefully it’ll get as many views as my security clip did on YouTube – but with less hate and negative consequences towards me)

So here’s the video, and I’ll see you at Players…..maybe.


This year at King Of Concrete, theLAB were sponsoring the event and giving away 200 smackeroons for the “Gnarliest Trick in the Keyhole”.

Here’s the highlights.