From the monthly archives: June 2012

Ok, so the website hasn’t changed when it comes to layout, but I have changed the logo, colour scheme, fonts, links and added a new portfolio page.

I had an idea the other day to make myself some new stickers, some circular ones, so I came up with a design.
But after looking at it and getting a few opinions, I decided the grey colour I was using to match my website colour scheme was a bit dull and needed to stand out a bit more.
So naturally, I decided to change the colour scheme of my website and make the new sticker design my new logo just to keep it a bit more up to date.

While doing this, I thought I might as well change all the fonts, links etc which to be honest, did take a while. Then halfway through I decided to add a new Portfolio page, which can be seen by clicking the above link 😉

After reassign it was easier just to completely start from scratch and spending about 7 hours sitting in the pub with a friend, stealing wifi and battling with html code, tedious amounts of writing code, copy and pasting and photoshopping, I finally finished what I had planned.

So please feel free to have a quick look around, and please let me know if anything doesn’t look right or doesn’t work right. As it is new and I may have missed something.