Ok, so a couple months ago, the guys at theLAB and myself decided to get our whole team together for a session, film it, then release an edit…

Now, it proved more difficult than thought to get 9 people free on one day to meet in one place…

So, in the end, it happened over 2 sessions around a month apart, so this edit has been eagerly awaited by all, mostly myself, because it has been waiting on the back of my mind for too long now.

So, after enough due time, I present to you my production of “theLAB at Rush Skatepark Spring 2014“.

I hope to arrange more team edit’s because despite the hassle, it was actually really fun to make.

So stay tuned, and let your eyes dig in, share, like, dislike, I don’t care, as long as you give it a chance….

theLAB took a couple trips to Rush Skatepark this spring and filmed a few clips.
We put together this edit documenting that time.

Tom Justice
Ollie Palmer
Steve “Fish” Fraser
Tony Pill
Dan “Chunky” Harris
Freddy Woolner

Filmed by Ross Penny and Sean Stevens
Edited by Ross Penny

Song: Foster The People – Are You What You Want To Be?



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