From the monthly archives: December 2012


The other week, my friend Sarah rung me up at a stupid time of the morning (around midnight – but I was tired) and proposed to me that she wanted to start a clothing company consisting of cars, half-naked girls and tattoos, I obviously agreed I would help because thats just a list of things I like.

After several facetime conversations and plan making texts, we arranged a photoshoot for some pictures that were gonna make it onto some t-shirts, then I got on photoshop to edit the pictures to make them t-shirt worthy and to also design a logo.

So in the last couple of weeks, I have designed the logo, made a few sticker designs and done a photoshoot with Sarah to create the designs of the first run of t-shirts.

Below is some of the pictures I have done and a couple of stickers designs.

Naturally, nothing is made yet and there is no website yet, but that should all be coming together soon and I shall obviously let you know when it has. I just need to pull my finger out to design and create the website and Sarah needs to get the shirts printed….then we’ll all be away.
I sent off earlier today for the Sticker order, so they shouldn’t be too long!