From the monthly archives: July 2017

My little goddaughter’s brother turned 4 last month and I was lucky enough to attend his birthday party, because that’s what I do in my life now, I attend children’s birthday parties because they’re more fun than adults.

I took some pictures and here are a couple.


Not really much to say about this, I was busy that day doing something, can’t remember what, so I turned up to basically pick up my other half and my dog and I saw some tiny husky puppies so I took a picture of them and wanted to share it here…


What can I say about NASS? It’s a good laugh and a great weekend away with theLAB boys featuring so many people we don’t see often enough at all. To much controversy though, I don’t enjoy any other aspect of it other than having fun with said people.

I was not allowed to film anything this year due to exclusive rights being sold and I had to sign a waiver to say I wouldn’t film anything too. So unfortunately, despite having a video from theLAB of NASS every year for the last 6 years, we don’t have one this year.

Here’s a few pictures instead.