From the monthly archives: June 2016

At the weekend, I shot some photo’s for a Burlesque show put on by Kristyl Rose.

This took place in Sanctuary, Basingstoke. I had never shot a Burlesque show before, or even watched one, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

I immediately hit, probably the worst, problem for a photographer – extreme low light. The lighting in Sanctuary is shocking if you’re taking photo’s, it always has been and I have come into this problem before, but never for a client. I ended up placing my LED light at the side of the stage to give some extra light, and I relied solely on my 35mm f/1.4 purely because of the low aperture. When using the 35mm, I immediately hit another problem…. not much space to move about the stage area at all, so 35mm on a crop sensor gives very limited range.

All that said, I did what I could and it seems everyone was happy with the results, which I’m happy about because I hate using an ISO above 1600, and I shot most of the pictures in 1600/2500 so the noise wasn’t great when editing them. I also had to shoot in around 1/80-1/100, which, FYI, I don’t recommend when shooting dancers, as the move around a fair bit….

Either way, I’ve put together a couple of edits to post here, on my newly “design-revamped” website.

I’ve also just invested in a couple new lenses and a Lightning to SD Card reader, so hopefully I will be able to update the website more than about once a year as it seems I’m doing currently.

Watch this space…