From the monthly archives: October 2014

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Not that anyone actually reads my blog on this website or anything….. but it did suddenly occur to me, I haven’t updated much recently.

This is mainly due to the fact I had another knee surgery (I’m pretty sure I mentioned I’ve had more problems in an earlier post), but also due to the fact I haven’t really had much to post about.

I post on instagram a few times a week, which probably gets more action than my blog, so you can always follow me there or have a nosey – INSTAGRAM LINK.

But other than that, the most interesting thing that I’ve actually been doing is probably the fact I got a puppy, thats how interesting my life gets at the moment due to my knee injury… So have some photo’s of my new puppy, because of course I took pictures of him… (I am a photographer after all).

His name is Opie, obviously named after Sons Of Anarchy, and he’s a Husky x Labrador, or a Huskador, or a Siberian Labrador… Whatever you want to call him, he’s gorgeous – just like his dad (me).
These photos were taken the day we got him when he was about 2 months old, but he is now 4 months old and about twice the size already, so he’s gonna be big, but just as cute.

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