Earlier today, I went up to Northampton for Early Edition.

First of all, considering the recent fluctuation in the weather conditions, I don’t think we could’ve asked for a nicer day. In fact, I think most people there probably came back with a red face and arms from the rays.

Second of all, compared to last year, this year had such a better turnout, in my opinion. It was much busier and the cars there really pushed the boundaries.

Of course, as usual though, I didn’t spend much time there, because I wanted to get this edit out asap, so I wanted take the 100mile trip home so I could get started.

It’s just a small edit that I’ve knocked together since I got home, so take a look, give it a like and even possibly give it a share if you’re feeling saucy.


Filmed and Edited by Ross Penny.

Song: Avicii – Addicted To You



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