So, if you live in or near Basingstoke and haven’t checked out the All Our Own Work Gallery in the Town Centre, then you really need to get down there.

They started off in a small shop next to the Sports Centre, but after 6 weeks there, they’ve just been given the old Republic store next to the Bus Station….

It’s significantly bigger, with an even bigger range of local artists.

All the artists in there have different styles and different work, most work on commission too, so you can get exactly what you want and make it definitely unique.

They facilitate everyone, from the regular person who appreciates a nice picture, to the full-on art collector. With variety of digital prints, paintings, clothing, ceramics and furniture. There is literally something for everyone.

I’ve got a couple of good friends with work in there so I thought I’d head down and get some photos, I’m not going to post a lot though, purely because you need to go down and witness it for yourself.

And take some cash too, I know every time I go in there, I wish I had some more money, because great stuff is constantly popping up. So go down to Basingstoke Town Centre and take a look.





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