This year at NASS was the 5th year running for theLAB…

I have to say, we do complain sometimes about it, either because we don’t sell enough, or we just find it boring etc., but we do always come away with some hilarious memories and we do laugh a lot.

This year was no exception, we had our fair share of laughs and good times.

4 days before we went, I was in A&E at the hospital, finding out I had been walking on a broken knee for the past 3 months and some bone was floating around in my kneecap, when I was just told I sprained it….. So this was a slight setback to filming an edit at NASS, to say the least.

Luckily my mate stepped up and borrowed his grandma’s wheelchair for me to get around in, and even though it kept getting stolen (by people I knew) so they could get the sympathy vote from friends and passing strangers, it still proved very useful to get around in to film.

So this edit was filmed mostly in a wheelchair, and with some help from Lil Man with my GoPro.

Stephen Hawking would be proud.

Song: Metric – The Void

Filmed by Ross Penny and Sean Stevens
Edited by Ross Penny


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