2020 was a weird one.

A lot of weddings were rescheduled, we didn’t leave the house for most the year and in all honesty, my camera was probably fairly neglected.

That said, I still managed to get together a bunch of photo’s in 2020 to make a slideshow – mainly of my son, because when you’re stuck in a house for 6 months with a wife that doesn’t like to be photographed and a 1/2 year old that loves to be photographed, the choice is pretty easy to make to make sure your marriage stays intact.

Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn – Dream Factory (feat. Loyle Carner)
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – Ninjarous (feat. MF Doom)
JNR Williams – What a Difference


Completely forgot I went down Rooksdown Skatepark when it was still sunny and warm in the summer and shot a mini Skateboard Edit.

No specific reason other than the fact I wanted to get out, enjoy the weather and use my camera in a year I hadn’t picked it up much.


I have been SUPER slack on updating my blog this year, for fairly obvious reasons, mainly due to COVID, I haven’t had much content… I have still been taking photo’s which I have been updating my Instagram with and I will be posting a 2020 Slideshow today hopefully too, but I only got to shoot one wedding this year!

Gotta say, it was a strange wedding to say the least, but it summed up 2020 perfectly.

Hazel and Tig were supposed to be married on 28th December, but on the 23rd there was an announcement saying that as of 26th, we were entering Tier 4… So, within 12 hours, they rescheduled their wedding for 24th and luckily I made some arrangements in order for me to be able to still capture their day!

So an Xmas Eve COVID wedding with facemasks and social distancing, arranged with less than 12 hours notice was definitely one to remember.

I will probably be uploading some photos from the day on my Instagram at some point soon, but for now I thought I’d include a few shots here.


This slideshow wasn’t just thrown together, it was collated throughout the year in order for me to be able to post it pretty fast when 2020 came around. Main problem with that, is that I hadn’t updated my blog since the last slideshow went up. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that the process took 10x as long as it should’ve done, because I also had to post a bunch of blog posts too (apologies they are very short and sweet).

I think my New Years resolution is to keep up to date with the website (this definitely won’t happen).

This video is pretty long. My 2017 slideshow was around 7 mins and 2018 slideshow was around 10 mins, but this year’s one is just over 16 mins, so if you watch the whole thing, I applaud you and you don’t know how much I appreciate that.

If I was around you or members of your friends and family, there’s a fairly high probability that you may feature in this video as there is nearly 400 pictures in it.

Enough waffling anyway, pop yourself a brew on, grab some leftover Christmas chocolates, get comfy and give this a watch 🙂


Just before Christmas I met up with my mate to get some pictures and a video of his S4.

I haven’t ever done a video of just one car, usually I do car events etc, so this was a first for me. So if you wouldn’t mind, take a few minutes out your day and give it a watch 🙂 Big thanks to my mate Phil too, who drove my car so I could hang out the back to get some rolling shots!