I had a film in my camera that I was taking photo’s with every now and again, it came back the other week developed so I’ve decided to post a few pictures here. More will be posted on my Instagram, as usual.


No doubt there will be a lot of photos of this child as the parents are very good friends of mine, and who doesn’t like a baby photo, right?

But we went to the pub the other night for Georgie’s birthday and I thought I’d take my camera along as I had got any proper pictures of Tilly since the week after she was born; she has so many more expressions now.

I upload a load more pictures on Instagram than on here, so I try to keep the quantity of the content down a bit. For more pictures go give my Instagram a follow!! – @rosspennyphotography


I shot a wedding at the beginning of August and to date it was one of the most relaxed and fun weddings that I have shot. I knew the groom loosely through friends, but both his bride and himself made me feel like one of the family and the whole wedding was so full of fun, it was a pleasure to shoot.

I gave the photo’s to them the other day and I was overwhelmed with the kind words I have received about them, it is truly heartwarming to have people appreciate your work so much, so if either of you are reading this, thank you again.

I’m sure over the next few weeks, people that know the bride and groom will start seeing pictures, but for now, and before I start posting them on Instagram, here’s a select few.


My little goddaughter’s brother turned 4 last month and I was lucky enough to attend his birthday party, because that’s what I do in my life now, I attend children’s birthday parties because they’re more fun than adults.

I took some pictures and here are a couple.


Not really much to say about this, I was busy that day doing something, can’t remember what, so I turned up to basically pick up my other half and my dog and I saw some tiny husky puppies so I took a picture of them and wanted to share it here…


What can I say about NASS? It’s a good laugh and a great weekend away with theLAB boys featuring so many people we don’t see often enough at all. To much controversy though, I don’t enjoy any other aspect of it other than having fun with said people.

I was not allowed to film anything this year due to exclusive rights being sold and I had to sign a waiver to say I wouldn’t film anything too. So unfortunately, despite having a video from theLAB of NASS every year for the last 6 years, we don’t have one this year.

Here’s a few pictures instead.


Remember how about 2 mins ago I posted some “bump shots” of Georgie, well she gave birth between now and then because here is a shot of the lovely creation Dobbie and herself made not long after they got back from the hospital.


Even though I’m writing this post now, with full intent of posting a post with pictures of Georgie’s (now born) child…. I also took some “bump shots” from about a week or two before she gave birth.

I’ll keep the description short and sweet, as I’m sure you all know what they are…


In preparation to put the Endless Summer VW Show video live, I realised that I haven’t updated my blog in about 4 months, despite having plenty of material to do so….

So bare with me over the next hour or two while I upload a load of new posts and photo’s, have this shot of Gem and her daughter Winny to tide you by.


I was asked to take some pictures of Herriard’s Cup Final. I don’t really wanna dwell on it much because they lost, which is never a fun thing to do.

But onwards and upwards, and here’s a couple of shots from the match.