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Bit late on posting some images from this wedding (unless you follow my instagram @rosspennyphotography), but I shot a small intimate wedding at the end of last month for a good friend of mine’s mum. It’s always nerve racking shooting a wedding for someone you know well, but luckily this wedding was extremely relaxed and I even got a free ice cream, which is always a bonus!

IMG_4225 2
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As the following years, theLAB have been sponsoring and attending Endless Summer VW Show in Basingstoke.

Every year this show is getting bigger and bigger and every year theLAB do our best to raise as much money for the charity the show is supporting – Naomi House and Jacksplace, an awesome charity that provides expert hospice care to more than 280 life-limited and life-threatened children, young people and their extended families from Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Berkshire, West Sussex, Surrey and the Isle of Wight.

As usual, theLAB, as official sponsors of the event and also designed and printed a LTD Edition T-Shirt complete with a LTD edition sticker for the event.

I put together this short video to showcase the day. Enjoy!

Filmed and Edited by Ross Penny
Song: Jack Garratt – Worry (CHINAH Remix)


I was asked to shoot this wedding by an old friend of mine, which was very special. It’s always nice to have someone trust you enough to capture their special day, but when you haven’t seen friends in a long time and then you capture their day and see how much everyone has changed and grown as people, it make it that much more special.

Again, I had so many favourite photo’s to choose from this wedding and even though I am a massive fan of colour, a lot of the photo’s I shot this day really popped for me when I put them in Black and White.

Photo 25-05-2018, 19 10 29
IMG_3801 2-2
IMG_8717 2-2
Photo 25-05-2018, 16 18 00
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It’s always nice to take my camera out to shoot things for fun, rather than just for business, which I have to admit, I didn’t used to do as much.

I love taking just my trusty 50mm and snapping at things like birthdays and social gatherings, the problem is other than uploading to my photography instagram page (@rosspennyphotography), I never update my blog on my website with anything. So I’ve grabbed a few pictures I’ve taken so far this year and decided to put them in the blog post, for you enjoyment, obviously.

Most of the pictures I take are of my friends children to be honest, kids are so much easier to shoot because unlike adults, when a camera is pointed at them, they don’t hide or force a “photo pose” and the shots come out a lot more natural, which if you haven’t noticed is definitely my favourite style.

One day my friends will probably get bored of me snapping them constantly, but for now, they’re probably just more happy they’re getting a load of photos of their kids growing up and not having to pay for them….

IMG_8912 copy-2


A really good friend of mine competed in the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Competition this year and she asked me if I would shoot some profile shots for her. To be honest, this was a little out of my comfort zone as I can’t say I’ve really shot modelling pics other than merchandise shoots for clothing companies, so it was a nice new experience.

The dedication that Pheobe went through to get to the stage she was for the competition was incredible and it isn’t hard to photograph a subject like this, as I’m sure you can all agree.