Ok, so last week I put up a post with my first developed 35mm photo on my new (to me) Canon FTb QL 35mm camera. In that post I explained how I only had one photo due to the film being completely blank other than that one frame and how I also shot a black and white film which I was waiting to receive back from Ilford Labs for developing.

I received it back on Saturday, and thank the lord, it was fine and I received a load of prints. I was soon happy that it came out because a couple reasons; 1. I actually like some of the photos on it, and 2. It means my new camera isn’t broken.

Of course this does mean one of 2 things when it comes to the other film, the film was either a dud, or Jessops fucked up the developing… I’m going with the film probably being a dud to be fair.

But nonetheless, the black and white film came out so I scanned in a few of my favourite pictures and posted them below. Hopefully I will be posting plenty more successful prints in the future!


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