It’s always nice to take my camera out to shoot things for fun, rather than just for business, which I have to admit, I didn’t used to do as much.

I love taking just my trusty 50mm and snapping at things like birthdays and social gatherings, the problem is other than uploading to my photography instagram page (@rosspennyphotography), I never update my blog on my website with anything. So I’ve grabbed a few pictures I’ve taken so far this year and decided to put them in the blog post, for you enjoyment, obviously.

Most of the pictures I take are of my friends children to be honest, kids are so much easier to shoot because unlike adults, when a camera is pointed at them, they don’t hide or force a “photo pose” and the shots come out a lot more natural, which if you haven’t noticed is definitely my favourite style.

One day my friends will probably get bored of me snapping them constantly, but for now, they’re probably just more happy they’re getting a load of photos of their kids growing up and not having to pay for them….

IMG_8912 copy-2


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