This wedding meant a hell of a lot to me.

Since I can remember, these two guys have been like parents to me, they have always been such a perfect couple even to the point that when I first met them many many years ago, I thought they were married then.

Of course I was honoured when they asked me to shoot their wedding, but until the day, I couldn’t have predicted how nervous I was going to be. I have shot a few weddings now, some of friends, some of people I didn’t know, but when you’re shooting someones special day who are so incredibly close to you, nerves really hit you; I DID NOT wanna fuck this up….

Despite the constant encouraging words from the bride, groom and guests that all know me, the nerves were high, the camera was clicking, the thought of missing something was looming, but I did my best to capture the day exactly how they wanted it and how they expected me to.

I have had a nice positive response since revealing the pictures to them, so I think I can happily say it was a success, so I can feel comfortable to share a handful of pictures here for you now.

IMG_4326 2
IMG_4463 2


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