I have a couple of mates that play football Saturday’s for a team called Herriard. I watched a few of their matches last year, including 2 cup finals which they one both of.

This year I’ve watched pretty much all their matches, apart from a few where I was either in Iceland or on my FA Level 1 Coaching course (which I passed, well done to me).

Herald decided to make an Instagram page recently – @herriardsports – and asked me if I would bring my camera along to some of the games and get some shits of them playing. I agreed, despite never taking any football pictures before in my life. I enjoy watching Herriard, they play some really good football, and they are all safe as fuck too.

I’ll probably take more pictures in the future, and maybe put a bit more effort in next time instead of staying sat in the same cold wet spot keeping my heavily pregnant friend company.


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