Recently I’ve been very busy growing up. We are whiskers away from buying our first house, we have started planning our wedding etc etc.

I really wanted to document this whole thing in photo’s, which I normally do quite a bit, but I always find with digital you rely on the fact you can take a picture, then retake/delete it if you don’t like it, or the levels/exposure isn’t quite right and all that.

I’ve always admired the rawness of 35mm, for the simple fact, you point and shoot, then thats it, you might not be happy with the outcome, or you might be, but you won’t know until it’s developed and then thats it. So I decided to buy a 1970s Canon 35mm off eBay from a charity shop and a few films to “have a go” with.

It’s been about 10 years since I’ve taken any 35mm and I never actually owned a 35mm SLR before now (purely because of the price it costs to buy/develop films and prints and also for the reasons mentioned above – not ideal if you’re taking pictures for a client and they want to see the pictures ASAP with no room for error), so I wasn’t expecting much. I took one black and white film and a colour film.

I’m still waiting for the Black and White film to return from Ilford Labs, which hopefully should be any day now, but I really hope it didn’t come out like the colour film did…. Unfortunately my whole colour film was blank, apart from the very last frame. Now this could be a number of things, from a shitty film, a problem with the camera or even the developers at Jessops fucking it up, so I’m eagerly awaiting the Black and White film to come back, just to see if the camera is a dud or it was just coincidence that the first film I took anything with was a dud…

Despite that, I scanned the only picture I have from my new camera and posted it below anyway, because that single picture cost me just under £15…


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